Belmont historic Preservation

Join the DBDA’s efforts to preserve Belmont’s unique and rich history through active outreach and initiatives to preserve the oral history of its residents, as well as education and advocacy for preservation of our downtown’s historic structures. 



By capturing authentic oral history, the DBDA aims to safeguard the collective memories of Belmont’s past. By preserving historic structures in Belmont’s three downtown districts, the DBDA aims to also protect the physical representations of Belmont’s past.

By preserving both the oral history and the historic structures, Belmont can remain connected to its past while moving forward to its future. Preservation can foster a strong sense of community, a supportive environment for local businesses, and help to ensure downtown is the beating heart of our City for generations to come.

In 1996, Belmont’s Historic District gained recognition from the US Department of the Interior to the National Register of Historic Places, with (at that time) 264 contributing buildings. This list recognizes the significance of the itemized buildings, structures, and sites within this Historic District as significant historic resources in our community, but this designation alone does not protect these resources from demolition or irrevocable harm. Our organization acts as a partner and educational resource to property owners and concerned citizens in matters surrounding the preservation of Belmont’s historic buildings within Belmont’s Historic Downtown, Chronicle, and East End.

Support our efforts to capture and preserve Belmont’s history for generations to come.

The DBDA &


The Downtown Belmont Development Association (DBDA), a non-profit 501(c)(3), supports its mission through efforts to promote the historic preservation, protection, and use of Belmont’s three Districts (Historic Downtown, Chronicle, and East End) and aims to disseminate information of and promote interest in the preservation, history, culture, architecture and public use of these districts.